Benaya Art Ceramics



Mug & Dessert Plate, Tea Set, 6.5" (Hand Painted Porcelain, 2010, 524107).

6oz Mug and 6.5" Dessert Plate.

This beautiful Hand Painted Tea Set is both Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

From the Gossamer collection. This cool blue Dragonfly Tiffany inspired series is a new and elegant twist on a classic favourite. A contemporary gem in any collection.

Aidan Kelly - Other Items by this Artist

Aidan Kelly is an accomplished artist with a diverse designer portfolio. She has a wide variety of pieces within an assortment of categories: from Ceramic Arts to Victorian Christmas to Outdoor Garden. Beyond her career as a designer, Aidan has a wonderful diverse collection of original art that has been celebrated by many galleries and collectors alike.